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Indoor Air Quality Products & Services

As important as clean water, clean air is essential to your health and wellness. Experience has taught us that the following approaches can make all the difference for ensuring pure indoor air.

Jacksonville Florida HVAC, indoor air quality maintenance

Air-Duct Cleaning

Dirt and debris. Our mission is to rid the world of both, and we come pretty close when performing a thorough system cleaning.

UV Lights

We offer a range of ultraviolet products designed to kill bacteria in and around the cooling coil where dirty water collects. Our best-selling Bio-Fighter Lightstick does a great job.

Air-Filtration Systems

Thick, pleated air filters are optimal in terms of quality and efficiency. Incorporated into the air handler, they replace 1″ filters.

Whole-House Dehumidifiers

Air-conditioning systems are built to control temperatures, not humidity, which can foster mold, mildew, musty odors, and allergies. Also, they can typically be installed in out-of-the-way areas..


For exceptional air quality, we install and service fresh-air systems, electronic air cleaners, and stand-alone HEPA filters, as well as complete air duct replacement. Our technicians will be happy to discuss the best solution for your space.