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Thank You Mrs. Daly

Dear Aaron:

Richard did call me the other day and left a message asking about how installation went; however, I did not want to convey the details in a telephone call. Would you please be sure that he receives this message.

As promised by Richard, the installation team arrived on time and prepared to work. After I answered the door, everyone introduced themselves, informed me of the work that they would perform and began the process without any delays.

They were very professional, very polite and went right to work on the installation and again as promised by Richard, the work was completed that day despite the obstacles. I was given a review of the project, how to use the system andhow to ensure full warranty coverage,all before the final payment was made.

As I expected, I was so pleasedwith the work ethic, completion of the project and the details after the installation.I selected Donovan’s for these reasons on my previous project and was glad to see that the high standards remain with the company even during difficult economic times.


Joan Daly

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