Air Conditioning Installation

Time for a new air conditioner? Call Donovan Heat & Air for a new AC installation and experience your summer in a whole new way. Air conditioners are not a luxury for those living in Jacksonville or St. Augustine. A new air conditioning installation will provide many practical benefits including the pleasure of a refreshingly cool home or office on a hot, sticky day. Since manufacturers have greatly improved system longevity, energy efficiency and warranty coverage, your investment in preferred temperature control is more affordable than ever.

Donovan Eco-Logic™ New Install

Donovan Heat & Air partners with the leading manufacturers of air conditioning to provide our valued customers more cooling power for the money spent on electricity. Improved compressor technology, fan-blade shape, timers, programmable thermostats and Energy Star rated models have helped to not only make cooling equipment perform better, last longer & resist malfunctions, but consume far less energy as well. To learn more about our Eco-Logic™ brand, view our “Preparing for an Install” video in the right-hand side bar of this web page.

PRO TIP: Risk of open windows in the summer

Homes today are not built for opening windows during the spring and summer months. Today’s AC systems are designed to both cool the air and remove humidity. With central air, you’ll be able to close windows and enjoy your ideal temperature, which not only eliminates the dangers caused by moisture but also reduces the annoyance of noise pollution


Because cooling systems circulate air, the installation of a new system will significantly improve the quality of air that you breathe. There are so many potential sources of air pollution in every room and contaminated air can trigger coughing, sore throat, itchy eyes, shortness of breath and even asthma attacks. Continued exposure to bad air may cause your family or staff to suffer with lengthy colds, frequent headaches and even bronchitis. The good news is your new Donovan Eco-Logic™ AC combats the problem. Cooling equipment removes water from the atmosphere, and since many pollutants are water-soluble, it not only removes these pollutants but also pollen and other allergens.

Licensed and Reputable AC Installation

To make certain your new cooling unit lives up to expectations in cooling power, durability and efficiency, it is critical to have it installed by a licensed and reputable contractor. Every member of our team serves a full four-year apprenticeship with the Northeast Florida Builders Association. Our technicians are N.A.T.E. and EPA certified, and have distinguished themselves through ongoing training, in-depth product knowledge, and a dedication to customer service. When you choose us, know you’re getting the very best air conditioning installation. You’ll also qualify to join our Preferred Customer Maintenance Plan to keep your new system in peak condition year after year.