Why be a Preferred Customer?

We know that customer hate surprises. So, we implemented our Preferred Customer program. We maintain the AC system so you don’t have to. Our technicians provide twice yearly updates on the condition of your equipment. When a repair is needed, we offer you up front, flat rate pricing with a 15% discount. Because your comfort is our family business.

When we started Donovan Heat, Air, & Electric in 1987, we had one goal–to make our customers happy. Three decades later, nothing has changed.

Benefits of our Preferred Customer Agreement

  • Two maintenance visits per year (21-point inspection and cleaning)
  • No dispatch fees Monday to Friday 7 am to 7 pm
  • Discounted weekend and holiday dispatch fees
  • 15% discounts on parts, repairs, and filters
  • FREE filter delivery
  • Priority scheduling for emergencies

The Donovan 21-point inspection:

  1. Check defrost cycle.
  2. Adjust air volume for maximum efficiency.
  3. Check reversing valve operation.
  4. Check safety devices.
  5. Check electrical connections for tightness.
  6. Lubricate as needed.
  7. Check blower door for tension and alignment.
  8. Check for oil leaks.
  9. Test electrical controls for proper operation.
  10. Check for refrigerant leaks.
  11. Check refrigerant controls.
  12. Check refrigerant coil.
  13. Clean coil in place with certified coil cleaner.
  14. Check condensate drain.
  15. Check thermostat operation.
  16. Visual duct inspection.
  17. Check supply voltage/amp draw.
  18. Wax outside unit.
  19. Static pressure test for duct work
  20. Vacuum inside unit.
  21. Check and replace filters as needed (owner provided.)

Benefits of using Donovan Heat, Air, & Electric.

  • Honest, dependable service.
  • Up front, flat rate pricing. No hidden fees or extra labor charges.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. Just ask our customers. (link to reviews)
  • Experienced NATE certified technicians arriving in a well-stocked and marked vehicle.
  • Licensed and insured, family owned and operated since 1987.

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