Dehumidifiers Jacksonville

Energy efficient tight home construction with low infiltration rates reduces sensible demand and air conditioning run time, resulting in less latent humidity removal when it’s needed most. Your HVAC equipment includes an oversized air conditioner/heat pump. The quick cycling does not allow enough time to remove the latent load. Homeowners often must overcool their homes to remove humidity, making them chilly even in summer. Many times this happens when the thermostat drives temperature under the set point to achieve desired relative humidity set point.

Typical Florida Summer Day stat chart

With new government mandates to make everything more efficient, air conditioning units are simply not running long enough to remove humidity from your home. Newly required 15 seer air conditioner systems remove less humidity than ever before.

If your home’s humidity level is not around 53% you need to install a whole house dehumidifier. It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.


If your air conditioning unit is being overworked during the hot summer, your problem may not be the high temperature, but rather a high humidity level.