Preferred Customers

It didn’t take us long to figure out what customers dread most.. SURPRISES.

While the unexpected cannot be avoided entirely, a little preventive maintenance goes a very long way, especially in our demanding North Florida climate. That’s why we developed the Donovan Heat & Air Preferred Customer Program, which provides:

  • Two, 21-point precision tune-ups per year
  • 15% discount on parts, labor and filters
  • NO overtime rates
  • NO services fees (Monday to Friday 7a-7p)
  • Priority scheduling
  • Option to apply cost toward new equipment
  • Free repairs for water leaks and drainage issues*

All heating and air-conditioning systems require upkeep to run efficiently. Experience has shown us that annual AC inspections are not enough. With affordable programs starting at $184.00 per year, you will gain peace of mind knowing that our technicians are keeping tabs on your system and keeping it clean to help avoid costly surprises. You can even take the membership with you when you move, or transfer it to the new homeowner.


*Does not include cracked drain pans or common drains.