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Greater Jacksonville Area Gas Furnace Repair

    Though it may not happen often, when temperatures take a dip in northeast Florida, you rely on your gas heater to work properly. But if your system fails you at the most inconvenient time, you can trust the experts at Donovan to arrive within minutes to repair your home furnace.

    How a Gas Furnace Can Break

    In most homes, a furnace is the primary source of central heat, and it works by pumping hot air into rooms. The most common type of furnace is gas-powered and heats air, distributing it throughout the home via vents and ducts.

    Though it rarely happens often, a gas furnace can malfunction for a number of reasons, including:

    1. The control board can become damaged, which prevents the furnace from reading the thermostat.
    2. The thermostat may need to be cleaned. The batteries in the thermostat can also go bad
    3. The furnace could be acting up because of faulty wiring or a blown fuse.
    4. The air filter in your furnace’s ventilation system may be dirty or blocked.
    5. The evaporator coil may be plugged, especially if you haven’t changed the filter in a while.
    6. The igniter may have deteriorated with age, may have an incompatible component, or it could have a bad limiter switch.
    7. The gas valve may not be opening and closing properly to allow the flow of gas to the pilot light and burners.
    8. The furnace blower may have malfunctioned, so it is not blowing enough warm air.

    What Do I Do Next?

    A non-working gas furnace is not just an inconvenience for your home and family—it could be a sign of a more serious safety issue. You should always call a professional to inspect and repair your gas furnace when it’s not functioning properly.

    Here’s What to Expect When You Call Donovan to Repair Your Gas Furnace:

    • Step 1: Call Donovan at (904) 241-3785 or request an appointment online.

    • Step 2: Turn your central system/gas furnace off.

    • Step 3: A Donovan HVAC technician will arrive the same day to do a complete and thorough diagnostic and present a Donovan Comfort Plan solution to you.

    • Step 4: Discuss your comfort plan and receive a quote from our qualified technician after their diagnostic and before repairs are made.

    • Step 5: Our technician will make the repairs quickly. If your furnace needs to be replaced, we can do that too, and your technician will explain the next steps of the process.

    Pro Tip: Ask about priority scheduling for Preferred Customers!

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    Why Should I Choose Donovan for Furnace Maintenance and Repair?

    For the past 30 years, residents of the Greater Jacksonville area have trusted Donovan Heat, Air, & Electric to provide fast, friendly, and reliable service.

    Here Are a Few Reasons Why Your Jacksonville Area Neighbors Love and Trust Donovan for Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning and Heating, as well as Electrical Needs:

    • We repair all makes or models of gas furnaces.

    • Donovan is the largest HVAC company in northeast Florida.

    • Our Donovan team is highly trained, honest, and dependable.

    • We offer upfront, flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees or extra labor charges.

    • Our work is backed by Donovan’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    • Our technicians are experienced and NATE-certified.

    • We arrive in minutes in our well-stocked vehicles, ready to repair your problem quickly.

    • Donovan has been licensed, insured, and family-owned/operated since 1987.

    • We care about our customers—and we care about our community.

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