How to Prep Your HVAC for this Season’s Stormy Weather

The dreaded hurricane season comes and goes every year between the months of May and November. Living in Florida, we are well-adjusted to dealing with heavy storms and hurricanes so it seems like a no brainer when it comes to preparation. To save your pockets, here are some tips on how you can prepare by keeping your HVAC system safe from damage during bad weather.

1. Get Your HVAC Inspected

Here at Donovan we provide a full inspection service on HVAC units when you purchase with us. Even if you have never used our services or bought an HVAC unit from us, be sure to get it checked and inspected in the possibility that there is any current damage that needs attention. Is it working properly? Is it maximizing the energy being spent? Getting an inspection will give you the answers you need to see if your system is prepared to deal with summer’s rising temperatures or stormy weather.

2. Get a Surge Protector

Lightning during a storm can be catastrophic to an HVAC unit or any electronic devices, for that matter. Having a surge protector will protect your HVAC unit from being struck and destroyed. Since the power of these strikes are unpredictable, you have to assume that any surge could be the one that knocks out your circuit boards. The more intense power surges can cause immediate failure to the unit, while others can slowly deteriorate over time. Imagine how many times your HVAC system gets damage every time there is an uneven power supply to your unit. This will damage the inner mechanics and eventually, the whole unit. Once you install a surge protector, it takes the hit so your AC doesn’t! Protect your investment and your comfort; purchase a certified Donovan Air, Electric & Plumbing Compressor Defender today.

3. Cover It Up and Strap It Down

Covering your HVAC system with anything sturdy will “roof proof” it from any flying debris during a storm can prevent tremendous damage. Covering an HVAC system with a tarp or any wood material will act as a shield and do just the trick when creating the ultimate protection from harmful material. There is a myriad of unknown substances that can harm your HVAC unit without you being aware during these storms, so it is so important to make sure you are prepared. Contact us now if you need any directions on what you can use to protect your unit, and we will be happy to help.

4. Turn It Off

Many people don’t think about taking this precaution with their HVAC systems during hurricane season but turning off the HVAC before a storm is a great way to prevent your unit from being damaged. For example, if you forget to turn it off before a bad rainstorm and your house ends up with two feet of flood water; the electrical panels in your HVAC unit gets irrevocably damaged. You are left spending much more than you needed to because you have to replace it. So, always remember to shut it down before storms arrive to prevent unnecessary repair costs, especially if you are by the coast or in a flood zone.

5. Before a Hurricane

Since we have all lived through it, we know the difference between a bad storm, a tropical storm, and a hurricane. The above tips are very helpful for preparing for normal summer storms that are very common in Florida, but there are a few more important precautions that should be addressed when preparing for a hurricane.

  • Be sure to either cool down or heat up your HVAC unit as much as possible before the storm. Why, you might ask? In the case that you do not have access to your HVAC unit, you can preserve your home with as much heat or air as possible. This can be beneficial during a storm, depending on the temperature outside, to keep you and your family comfortable until help can arrive. Donovan Air, Electric & Plumbing has decades of experience with handling HVAC units before and after hurricanes, so we urge you to contact us in the event of one approaching the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area so we can help you protect your investment.
  • Unplug any window units and move them indoors immediately. Be sure to then seal the window before the storm hits. If you do not do this, you will leave an entry point or weak area that will allow the storm to surge into your home!
  • Like discussed above, be sure to turn off your HVAC system completely before a major storm, especially if you have not already purchased a surge protector.
  • Along with preparing your HVAC systems for any major storm, be sure to prepare your household with all of the basic living essentials to keep you and your family safe and comfortable like gallons of clean water, first aid kits, towels and flashlights. If possible, a back-up generator is your best bet of keeping your power on.

Maintaining your HVAC system during stormy weather can significantly save you money and make the experience a lot less daunting. Keep your HVAC systems safe from any storm damage and call Donovan Air & Conditioning at (904) 241-3785 or make an appointment with us online by clicking here. We are here to help you stay safe and dry during this hurricane season!

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