Hurricane Dorian

Did you know?

Running your AC system during a tropical storm or hurricane can put your system at risk of electrical damage.


Brown outs are a huge concern during a severe storm. Low voltage dips are actually more damaging than voltage spikes. A severe dip in electrical current damages the AC motor and can lead to a costly repair.

What should you do?

Turn your HVAC system off before or as soon as the storm arrives. If you evacuate, turn your system off when you leave.

Have a backup plan.

  • Install a Wi-Fi thermostat, like the Nest Learning Thermostat, so you can turn your system off even when you aren’t home.
  • Invest in an HVAC Power Protection device, like the Compressor Defender, that will detect the dip in voltage and turn your system off before damage can be done.
  • If you plan on riding out a storm, purchase a window unit to cool a single room. Its far less costly to replace than your entire system in the event of a voltage dip or spike.

What about storm surge?

If you are riding out a storm and you see flooding waters accumulating, turn your system off!

Prevention is your best option. If you are in a flood zone, consider installing your outdoor unit on a raise hurricane rack to protect it from corrosive salt water in the event of storm surge on your property. Call us for a custom quote on raising your HVAC system onto a hurricane rack.

Have your unit inspected.

If you are concerned about storm damage, give us a call! Preferred Customers pay no dispatch fees Monday to Friday. We will come out and see if you system has sustained storm damage. Plus Preferred Customers get 15% discounts on repairs.

Hurricane Season in Florida is unpredictable, preparation is key!

Here are a few of our Hurricane Hacks:

  • Grab nutritious foods that don’t require cooking like protein bars, coconut water, raw nuts and dried fruit, jerky, soft cheeses and whole grain crackers.
  • Save plastic by using 5-gallon jugs for emergency water. Fill them up at home or at a filtered water station.
  • Pair your 5-gallon jug with a hand pump attachment, like this one, and set up near your sink. You are now prepped for washing and hydrating!
  • You can never have too many portable cellphone chargers. If cell towers stay up, you can follow your local police department on twitter for updates.

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