Low Temperatures & High Humidity Call for a Dehumidifier

With high levels of humidity, it is more challenging than ever to cool your home in Jacksonville. Some of the humidity can be removed from your home by your air conditioner, but it is not quite adequate enough to make the inside of your home pleasant. Humid climates like those in Florida call for dehumidifiers in conjunction with your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable.

If your house is above 60% humidity and your temperature is below 75 degrees you have a recipe for moisture to build up inside your home. A home that is 1-5 years old is the most at risk because of the tight construction. Days like today where we have no heat and high humidity – you could be running an extremely efficient dehumidifier.

If the humidity in your home is not at 53%, your best option is to install a dehumidifier. Newer air conditioning units remove less humidity from your home than ever before because they are simply not running long enough to remove humidity. Adding a dehumidifier can help your AC unit run more efficient, make your house more comfortable, and save you money on your electric bill.

Low cost meter for measuring temperature and humidity:

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