Proper Control of Indoor Humidity is a BIG Deal

Many Jacksonville home owners have made their homes as energy efficient as possible. New windows, new insulation, new weather-stripping, etc. are doing a great job of sealing in and sealing out a wide ranging temperatures and humidity levels. This is a good thing for your energy bills, but may not be so good for your indoor lining comfort.

As homes become more energy-efficient, the numbers of pathways for humidity to enter or exit the home are greatly reduced. This creates the need to properly control indoor humidity and moisture levels.

A properly designed and installed Dehumidification System from Donovan is the best answer to achieving healthy – comfortable levels of humidity regardless of season.

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So where’s the moisture coming from?

Just about everywhere…High levels of humidity are often the result of too much moisture vapor generated indoors. Common areas of humidity production include: Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, attics, crawl spaces, concrete block construction and improperly draining down spouts, the list goes on and on, even house plants are adding moisture to you home.

Humidity control is critical to your families comfort

Moisture in your home is not necessarily a bad thing. Properly controlled humidity levels can and will positively affect your comfort. For example, most people will feel cooler in a 75 degree room with 25 percent relative humidity, as opposed to a room at the same temperature with 40 percent relative humidity.

Conversely, improper indoor humidity levels sometime necessitate constant raising and lowering of the thermostat settings, costing you money. Excessive humidity can contribute to a large number of problems ranging from serious building damage to extreme discomfort in hot weather. Again, a proper dehumidification system from Donovan Air, Electric & Plumbing will solve the problems.

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