The AC Shopping Guide

A Shopping Guide for Homeowners

Are you shopping for a new AC?

Buying a new HVAC system is a big investment. With so many products to choose from and opinions to consider the process can feel overwhelming. So how do you make a good decision?

Customer Service Matters.

Start with a reputable air conditioning company. Look for positive reviews and a satisfaction guarantee. Ideally, they will send a qualified comfort specialist to discuss your home and unique situation. Don’t hesitate to ask the specialist your questions, they want to help!

Avoid companies that have not been in business for very long. And, of course, never contract a business that is not CAC licensed and insured.

Buying a great product is wasted if you don’t have the best people to install it.

Have a budget.

Is the cost of buying a new AC causing you stress? Installing a new HVAC system doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of options for every budget. Don’t be embarrassed to discuss the extent you are willing or able to spend on a new air conditioner. Did you know you can finance your HVAC system? Ask your comfort specialist what options are available. First and second look options are available with lower interest rates than conventional credit cards.

Do you have a specific amount saved for your purchase? Great! Let your comfort specialist know you are shopping in a specific price range. Ask about discounts for paying by cash or check.

Share What’s Not Working.

If you normally experience comfort issues, now is the time to address them. It is important to discuss all your cooling or heating complaints with your prospective AC company. If you have hot or cold spots consistently in your home, you could have air flow issues that will need to be addressed to maximize your indoor comfort.

Many companies solve the comfort issue by just installing a larger system. Bigger is not always better, and a larger system may will not alleviate issues connected to an aging or poorly designed duct system. Humidity issues also affect your indoor comfort and can be aggravated by a too-large AC system.

Ask Questions.

We asked our Comfort Specialists to list their top questions:

  • What products are the most reliable?
  • What products have the best parts availability if a repair is needed?
  • What options are best for my home or situation?
  • What do higher SEER ratings mean to me, in real dollars?
  • What is the expected lifespan for the products you recommend?
  • Is the tonnage the right size for my home?
  • Does your company have a satisfaction guarantee?
  • How will you improve on the way the last HVAC system was installed?
  • Does my duct system need to be modified or improved?
  • How will your company prepare for my install ahead of time?

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