I was so impressed with the service that I received!

I know that I spoke to you about this, but I was so impressed with the service that I received that I feel compelled to put it in writing.

On Friday, I discovered that my listing at 14073 Lumberton Falls Drive had a problem with the heat pump installed in 2002 by your company. We were supposed to close this home Monday, 12/30, and this problem would prevent it from closing.

I called you at around 1:00 p.m. Friday and explained the problem. Your response was remarkable! You sent two of the most professional and personable people I could have imagined and the problem was completely resolved that evening. A third member of your team was needed for a part…and even he did honor your company’s’ reputation.

They worked until almost 7:00 p.m. on a Friday evening. They left the garage cleaner than they found it. And I am a fan for life.
Coincidentally, I have a service contract with Donovan for the heat pump at my own home. I am especially happy about this now after this experience.

-Karen Duffy

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